Designers and Fabricators of Wood, Heavy Timber, and Light Gauge Metal Truss Systems


wood truss systems

We design and manufacture wood roof and floor truss systems for residential, commercial, and agricultural markets

lgm truss systems

Design, engineer, pre-fabricate, and deliver light gauge steel trusses, mansards and canopies, with clear spans up to 100 feet

timber truss systems

Economical solutions for hotels, restaurants and businesses that want a high end look to their buildings


Speedy efficient design work for any project large or small. residential, commercial, and agricultural projects


Wheeling, WV
Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN


Nashville, TN

Where we call home.

There's much more to the Tennessee capital than country. Nashville is bustling with new business. Nashville truly is a great place to live and work, and we feel blessed to be a part of it! We love this city!

Since 1993!

How we began...

With more than 20 years of experience in the field truss design and fabrication, we have the experience you can rely on. Our team of design professionals are some of the best in the business.

Committed to quality

Efficient design and manufacturing

Since we control the design, the manufacturing, and even the delivery, you can trust our products. We make a commitment to every customer to provide them with a superior product at the best possible price!

"Raney Truss is one of biggest producers of Alpine TrusSteel light gauge metal truss systems."



Looking for an answer?

Trusses are linear structures made of members that resist applied loads mainly through axial tension or compression rather than bending, and therefore they are structurally very efficient. However, this is valid only if the truss members are pin-connected and the loads act at the joints.

We are here to help you all along the way with your project. Please use some of the resources here if you would like, or feel free to Contact us below if you need some additional help or if you have any questions.


Raney Truss Design Office
992 Davidson Dr., Suite 100B
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 673-2676
Raney Truss Manufacturing
41 Sevier Lane
Decaturville, TN 38329
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Raney Truss is one of the most trusted companies in residential construction services and building materials supply. With unmatched total value, we provide the best total package of trusses and wall panels. At Raney Truss, we're always looking for skilled designers to join our team of design partners.

If you have good communication skills, understanding of construction practices, and have a working knowledge of CAD based programs, fill in your information now!

Work from anywhere!
All work you do for Raney Truss will be done remotely, so work from anywhere with an internet connection.
Work when you want!
While the assignments will have a deadline, when you choose to complete the work will be completely up to you.
Use our computing power!
No need to worry about having a powerful computer, with our own cloud computing platform, you simply connect to our computers to complete the work. Don't worry about slow computing times, our servers are designed specifically to make your design job easier!
Make some extra cash!
Since you can work when and where you want, becoming a Raney Truss design partner is a great way to make some extra cash on your off time.